Many disability workers are in category 1B and can now get the COVID vaccine. We held an online meeting for disability workers about the COVID vaccine rollout you can watch below.

Disability workers will need to show that you work in disability services – either by filling out a declaration form or by taking a letter from your employer saying you are in category 1B.
There are 6 million people who are in category 1B – that’s a lot of people. So there could be delays in getting the vaccine and it could be several weeks before you get an appointment at your GP.

All Member Briefing

Disability Vaccination Checklist (for Category 1A and Group Homes)

Find a copy of the Government checklist for disability providers here.

Eligibility Checker

To help work out which category you are in and how it will work – the government has launched an Eligibility Checker tool.

Health Advice

Always follow the latest health advice including talking to your GP if you have questions about impact or suitability for any particular medical condition you may have (use trusted official sources only like

Getting Consent

The Government has now produced consent forms as tools to use in obtaining consent. They do not have to be used however there needs to be a record of consent given so it's good to look at the Government sample forms for a start.  

If a person with disability usually gets assistance from a guardian for consent to other medical procedures, then that process can be used for this too. There have been specific guidelines for getting informed consent in disability services that the Government has released to help workers and providers know what consent is.

There are also resources available in easy read English and Auslan all on the website that can help explain consent in different accessible formats.

More advice?

Union members can email [email protected] or book a time to speak with our Industrial Team here.