Cost Of Living

Cost of living keeps going up but our wages aren’t keeping up.

The Morrison Government has had 8 years to act, but have done nothing.

The governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Philip Lowe, has warned Australians they are set to take a real pay cut of 1.5% this year because sluggish wages growth won’t meet a surge in inflation.


Raising Award Wages: Unions in the Fair Work Commission

The Australian Services Union, along with other unions, is arguing for an increase to Award wages in the Fair Work Commission.

More Broken Promises

Under this Liberal Government, every federal budget has forecast wages rising more than 3% a year. They have had 55 times to get it right and failed 52 times.

And again just before this month's Federal Budget, Josh Frydenberg and Scott Morrison want us to believe them. Again.

The Liberal Government has been wrong 95% of the time on wage growth. 

Tom Lowery from the ABC writes:

Those forecasts have consistently failed to materialise and ACTU secretary Sally McManus said they should be treated with plenty of scepticism.

"The government's been hoping for wages growth for the last eight years, so it's nothing new for them to be hoping for wages growth and then for it not to happen," she said.

She said if the government seriously wants to see wages rise, there are direct moves it can make beyond simply hoping the unemployment rate pushes it up.



Julie-Marie Hay is an enrolled nurse and single mum. She spoke to ABC 7.30 and said:

"My expenses here in this house have actually gone up about $300 a fortnight over the last 12 to 18 months," she said.

"I haven't actually bought my children's school clothes this year at all. Somehow I have to be able to afford to buy them an entire new winter wardrobe.

"My biggest worry really is just not being able to afford to continue paying rent, and not being able to afford to continue paying my bills.

"I'm terrified of what's going to happen."

Take Action

  1. Sign our petition to increase Award wages for community and disability workers 👉
  2. Ask your colleagues to join your union today
  3. Save money on petrol, groceries and more using Union Member Advantage exclusive discounts. Every bit helps.

It's clear that we need to change the government to see a change in wages. Click here to organise a workplace visit from your union organiser today.

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