Civil Society Compliance

Is your service part of Civil Society?

Employers can’t just declare themselves to be part of “Civil Society”. Whether or not they meet the criteria for being a good employer is based on ASU members coming together and assessing the work practices, policies, procedures and culture of the organisation against the 12 Civil Society campaign claims on employers.

The twelve Civil Society Claims on Employers were endorsed by ASU members in 2018.

To be Civil Society compliant employers must:

  1. Actively support the workforce and stand behind us in our campaign for a Civil Society
  2. Be transparent about wages and classifications of all positions
  3. Work with the Union to provide secure, permanent employment
  4. Facilitate respectful workplaces that support the workforce and are free from bullying, harassment and discrimination
  5. Recognise the rights of workers to organise through Union
  6. Ensure workplaces are safe and work with Union members to address all safety concerns
  7. Identify cultural needs of the workforce and provide appropriate recognition and support
  8. Value, listen and respond to the input and concerns of the workforce by involving Union members in discussions and decision making about all issues that affect their work before a decision has been made to implement changes
  9. Address workplace issues and disputes in an agreed timeframe and in a transparent way
  10. Provide all workers with a minimum 10 days’ paid Domestic Violence Leave
  11. Recognise and accommodate diverse family and caring responsibilities of employees
  12. Commit to employing an appropriate, diverse workforce for the community supported by the organisation, and provide appropriate workplace support to those workers with diverse needs.

A number of organisations have been assessed by their employees to be Civil Society compliant - is yours on the list?

What are the steps to making this happen?

  1. Workers decide they want their organisation to be part of Civil Society and sign up to the campaign
  2. ASU members assess whether their organisation meets the Civil Society claims
  3. Seek further information and negotiate, if necessary, with your employer to adopt certain claims
  4. Members and organisation agree that they are a Civil Society compliant employer

How do I get started?

Join the campaign and talk to your delegate or get in contact with the ASU office at 02 9310 4000