NSW Government announces minimum standards to be introduced for child protection workers

Last week the NSW Government announced that it is going to introduce "minimum standards" for child protection workers. There is little to no detail about how the minimum standards for child protection workers will work - what they will be, how they will be implemented, how it will affect the thousands of child protection workers who do the right thing every day and work tirelessly to support vulnerable young people.

We will be calling a meeting for all members in Child Protection services to discuss this news and share your ideas, concerns, questions and views on what the minimum standards should be for workers in child protection. Last week I gave evidence at a NSW Upper House Inquiry into Child Protection, along with Lyn Bevington our Branch Vice President and Blue Mountains community worker. 

Click here to read a summary of what we called for in the Inquiry hearing -  an end competitive tendering and ban for-profit providers in out of home care, and also for greater support for workforce training, development and portable long service leave for all community sector workers.