Change The Rules Survey

The Australian Council of Trade Unions is currently conducting a Change The Rules Survey. This is your chance to tell the ACTU what rules at work you believe need to change to make our workplaces fair.

The short survey, which should take you about five minutes, is confidential, and by completing it will help build a powerful people-powered movement to change the rules for working people.

This is your chance to tell the ACTU about your priorities. Our demands will be built by working people, by thousands of unions members like you having your say. Change only comes from the bottom up; our movement will need to involve all of us to swing the pendulum back.

The survey only takes five minutes to complete, and the information the ACTU will receive will be invaluable. If you'd prefer to complete the survey in a different language it’s also available in twelve different languages

The survey closes on February 9, 2018. Don't wait, complete the survey now and share it with your mates.