Budget Breakdown 2019

The ASU is with you every step of the way. That's why every year we send our Budget experts to Canberra to sift through the government's budget papers - the facts, figures and the fluff.

The federal pre-election sales pitch budget has failed to provide any plan to increase real wages or deliver secure jobs.

Scott Morrison and the Coalition Government have used $4 billion in unspent NDIS money to prop up a budget surplus and at the same time have given over $224 a week in tax cuts to people who earn over $200,000 a year.

There are no measures to address growing inequality and no assurances for vital community services that are already struggling to keep their doors open. 

This budget simply confirms what we already knew - we need to change the government and change the rules.

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Scott Morrison and the Coalition Government have proved once again that they are firmly on the side of big business, not working people, our families or communities.

Here is our budget breakdown from Canberra for members:

Nothing for workers

  • The budget provides no concrete measures to lift wages in Australia. Wage growth is at an all-time low while the profits of big corporations, many of whom pay no tax, continue to rise at a staggering rate.
  • Nothing to address the gender pay gap, when the Government even admits in its Budget that it is at least 15%.

  • The government is continuing to freeze superannuation at 9.5% and doing nothing to address the gender pay gap in retirement income - leaving many workers to retire in poverty. The Budget entrenches disadvantage for people living with family and domestic violence by encouraging them to use their superannuation to support themselves.

  • There is nothing to support secure permanent jobs. This Government has done nothing to stop big business' attempt to introduce cut-rate casuals in the community and disability sectors - attacking the permanent secure jobs and wages of hundreds of thousands of workers.

Nothing to tackle growing inequality

  • Tax cuts that focus on the top end, and give more money to people who earn over $200,000 than anyone else (over $224 a week!). While pensioners get a one-off payment equivalent to $1 a week, and people on Newstart and Youth Allowance who are already living in poverty get nothing.

  • There are no measures to tackle housing affordability - nothing to support more social or affordable housing.

No certainty for ASU member industries

  • Not a cent of extra money to support better training or wages in the NDIS, despite unspent NDIS money providing the Government $4 billion in surplus. ASU members have been calling for a Portable Training Scheme. The Government’s own NDIS Committee recommended our scheme, that would cost just one cent in every NDIS dollar and provide a quality, trained workforce.

  • Nothing to address the pending community mental health funding cliff. Essential community service programs like PIR and PHAMS are still set to end on June 30. This will be a huge impact on ASU members working in these programs and for the vulnerable members of the community they support.

  • The budget specifies that there will be NO money to support equal pay increases beyond 2020 and NO indexation on government grants to the community sector.
  • The only initiative to address domestic violence is to give millions to for-profit company Medibank Private to run 1800 RESPECT, after privatising the service in previous years. Allowing a corporation to increase its profit from rape.

  • Over 60% cut in funding for services to asylum seekers.

  • No funding for renewable energy or just transition for workers in the energy sector. Energy bills will continue to go up, and nothing is being done to address climate change.

The latest budget makes it clear that we need to change the rules and change the government.

A federal election is due to be called at any moment, with an election likely to be held in May.

The Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government have done nothing for ASU members over the last five and a half years. 

ASU members across Australia are already working together to change the government.

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