membership of ACCDP

ASU members working in the community and disability sector have free membership of the Australian College of Community and Disability Practitioners (ACCDP).

The ACCDP was established by the ASU to empower Community and Disability Practitioners in establishing standards of practice for work in the Social, Community and Disability Services Sector.

Decisions about the meaning, purpose, and requirements of Community and Disability Practice are being made constantly. Government influences standards through policy, legislative requirements, contracts and funding arrangements. Again, these are ad hoc and frequently not the result of best practice in service provision. 

The voice that is most often missing in this environment is that of practitioners. The people at the frontline of service provision who understand best the needs and demands of the work, and the standards necessary to meet them.

The ACCDP has its own website with further information that you can access here, as well as a Facebook page.