COVID-19: NDIS and Community Services Workplace Advice

Are you a disability support worker or working in social and community services in NSW or ACT?

Get confidential expert advice about your rights at work during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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You can call this confidential and free service to get help with your workplace rights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scott Morrison's announcements have been confusing and employers have been unsure whether to shut down essential services or change modes of delivery.

We can help with:

  • your rights at work
  • leave entitlements
  • working from home
  • changed modes of delivery
  • safety at work
  • funding and packages
  • reduced rosters / cut hours
  • school closures / care responsibilities

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If you:

  • are a support worker, case worker, counsellor, clinician or social worker
  • are an advocate or work in policy, advocacy, research and communications
  • work at a NDIS provider
  • work in community and disability services, charity or not-for-profit
  • work in a community development, women's health and mental health support

We can answer questions like:

  • should my work shut down?
  • should I get a mask?
  • do I get sick leave if I am a casual?
  • can I be fired during COVID-19?
  • can I socially distance from my clients?
  • what happens if my work shuts down?
  • can I get the government's wage subsidy / JobKeeper payment?
  • do I have to go to work? can I refuse to go to work?
  • can my work ask me to change roles or do work in other locations?
  • will I be paid if I need to stay home?
  • is my workplace safe?
  • what if I get coronavirus?
  • how do I look after my kids and work?
  • what if someone at my work is sick?

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