ASU360 - March 2016

Something doesn't feel right at dnata


Members are getting ready to find a better fit at dnata. We recently surveyed members and they're ready to throw their boots in. For too long now members have put up with uncomfortable and unsafe shoes while working check in.

More and more workers are deciding that the union is a good fit for them - so it's time we put our foot down about unsafe shoes at dnata. Stay tuned for more info!

Being Union Makes Sense (and dollars!)


Thanks to union members sticking together members at Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and IT company NCR are getting pay rises on April 1. This isn't an April Fool's joke but a genuine win thanks to union members. 

Qantas Holidays/Helloworld new agreement

Negotiations are about to begin for a new Enterprise Agreement at Qantas Holidays. Members are currently completing surveys to help our negotiating team work out what improvements we want to our pay and conditions. 

If you're covered by the Qantas Holidays EBA have your say here.

Wage Freeze at Qantas

Alan Joyce took home more than $12 million last year. This year he is demanding that workers take a wage freeze. ASU members are getting organised and are prepared to fight for decent pay and conditions. Members have been working together to make sure that they're not left out in the cold. 

Find out more about what's happening at Qantas here.

Easter Bunny: Penalised!

Union members know that our penalty rates are under attack, Malcolm Turnbull's government and big business have made that very clear. We know that shift workers right across the Travel Industry rely on weekend and penalty rates.

With the Federal Election possibly less than 100 days away, we need to stick together and stand up for for penalty rates. Did you see our Facebook post about the Easter Bunny? Like the page to stay up to date with the campaign - click here

Your Journey


Speaking of covered - did you know that ASU members get free journey insurance? That means you're protected when travelling to and from work. It's one of the many benefits of being union, and only applies to union members.