Jobs and Services Under Threat

The survey, conducted by the Social Policy Research Centre at University of New South Wales, has revealed that without renewal of Equal Pay funding, community service organisations would be forced to reduce staff or services.

As a founding member of the Save Equal Pay Alliance, the Australian Council of Social Services has commissioned this survey to understand the impacts of the approaching funding cliff.

Equal Pay funding was won in 2012 to provide fair pay in the highly feminised sector after a long campaign by ASU members.

“It’s incredibly concerning that the Federal Government has yet to commit to the continuation of funding put in place to ensure staff are paid fairly in this sector, which is made up of 80% women. Cutting funding for community sector workers would mean less people to help those who reach out in times of great need." said ACOSS CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie.

The survey spoke to leaders in homelessness, domestic violence, food relief, mental health and many other community service leaders across the country. They revealed that without a Federal Government commitment to fund Equal Pay past 2020, they would have no choice but to cut jobs and services at their organisations.

The Save Equal Pay Alliance calls on the Federal Government to Save Equal Pay – and to save tens-of-thousands of jobs and services across our sector and in every regional community.

A CEO of an ACT service said "It will see waiting lists increase because capacity is reduced (even though demand outstrips capacity now!)"

Mark Glasson, CEO of Anglicare WA, tweeted

Cassandra Goldie said “People reach out to workers in community service sector in times of great need, such as when they’re escaping domestic violence, facing homelessness or struggling with their mental health. Community service sector workers deserve fair pay for their important work."

"A wage that reflects the hard work we do for others"

The ASU is calling on organisations, workers and the community to join us to save jobs, save services and Save Equal Pay. Please join us at one of our regional rallies that will highlight the impact on the community.