12 Reasons to Join the Union in 2022

It's been a huge year for ASU members - there are more reasons to join than ever.

1. Save Money this Christmas

Use your ASU membership card to access savings and discounts at some of Australia’s biggest retailers.

Save Money on Gifts with ASU Member Advantage. Discounts on JB Hifi, Myer, BCF, Kmart, Target,

2. Union membership is the best protection against wage theft. 

In 2021 we recovered over $3.5 million in unpaid and stolen wages for ASU members. 

Did you know that according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics union members earn an average of 30% more than non-union members? 

It pays to be union.  

Billboard with the words "ASU Members recovered $3.5million in stolen wages in 2021"

3. Free training and online courses 

We ran over 30 courses for thousands of students through the ASU College. ASU provides free online courses on everything from excel and IT skills to dealing with the NDIS Worker Framework. Our courses are run by experts and designed for ASU members.

Every course includes a certificate – you can also catch up on every course on-demand at a time (and place!) that suits you.

Graphic of a laptop with the words "Courses for your CV - The ASU College ACCDP"

4. Union members won a 2.5% pay rise this year

Union members won increases to our SCHADS Award. Community and disability workers are essential workers, and we deserve fair pay at work.  

ASU members also won an increase in Government funding to cover the pay rises. Without this, services would have closed and jobs would have been lost. 

We also won an increase to superannuation – helping members when they retire.

How much more do you earn? Find out at MyEqualPay.com.au

5. Award-winning Health and Safety Resources 

The ASU covers workers on the frontline in domestic violence services. We worked with ASU members to create Working From Home When Home Isn’t Safe – a guide for supporting workers at home who may be experiencing domestic violence. 

This was recognised by SafeWork NSW and used across the country to keep workers safe.


6. We are the disability union 

Disability Support Workers can get advice and support and connect with their industry through our brand new DSW Connect Program. Find work, ask questions, save money, learn new skills all at www.dswconnect.com.au

Image of a phone showing a mobile friendly website "DSW Connect: Connect, Learn and Grow your career in the NDIS. Welcome to the disability support worker network, powered by the ASU" With Buttons for "Check your pay", "Find a training course," and "Connect with other DSWs"

7. We're winning Paid Isolation Leave at workplaces 

This year we have led the campaign for paid isolation leave. We have already won paid isolation for over 20,000 community workers in NSW and the ACT. No one should have to choose between a job and keeping our community safe. No worker should have to use all their sick or annual leave on isolation.

community workers in PPE with the words "Paid Isolation Leave Now"

8. ASU members won Equal Pay
(and pay rises of between $200 and $650 per week)

ASU members have been fighting for proper pay and recognition of the community and disability sector for a long time.

Our work had been overlooked and undervalued for too long.

We won extra funding to pay – and we finally won Equal Pay in 2021.

9. We’re an active and progressive union 

ASU members don’t sit back. We work together to make big changes.  

We saved equal pay, we saved homelessness services, we rallied for action on climate change.  

ASU members working in the front line of domestic violence services have led calls for 10 days paid domestic violence leave for all workers. We are now supported by every State and Territory Government and the Business Council of Australia.

1 in 3 workers now have access to this life-saving leave – we won’t stop until everyone does. Sign the petition for universal 10 days paid domestic violence leave now.

10. ASU members Never Pay Full Price for Petrol and Groceries

Christmas spread with pavlova with the words \

ASU members never need to pay full price for petrol or groceries. Your ASU membership can save you money at Coles, Caltex, Woolies and more. Find out more about how to access the discounts here.

11. ASU members are always protected

ASU members are covered by both Journey Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

This means that only ASU members are protected on the way to and from work and at work.

12. Get Help Finding Your Next Job

ASU Jobs Connect is a free service providing you with expert career advice. Speak with an ASU Advisor for personalised career support and to help you find your next job. We can help with your CV, interview skills and put you in touch with employers looking for workers.

Get career support here with Jobs Connect here.

Don't forget: We are always by your side.

You can speak with one of our expert Industrial Officers about any issue at work by calling 02 9310 4000, emailing [email protected] or booking an appointment online.
Only ASU members can access confidential advice and support.

Download a printable QR code to this list to put up in your workplace.