Join us


By joining the Australian Services Union you:

  • have automatic coverage for journey insurance in case you are injured travelling to or from work
  • are one of many thousands, all coming together for respect and rights at work
  • can be part of building a strong union in your workplace so that members have a real say over matters that affect them
  • have the resources you need to understand your pay, conditions and entitlements
  • can ask for assistance to tackle workplace problems such as roster changes, safety issues, unfair treatment, incorrect pay and conditions and the many other issues we sometimes face at work
  • can access training for delegates and activists to continue to build the union in your workplace and handle matters at your workplace
  • are supported if you are bargaining or negotiating with your employers
  • have experienced and skilled people on your side if something goes wrong or if you are treated unfairly

That's just a few ways being in the union benefits you!

ASU membership is tax deductible, and our extra membership benefits can save you money.

Weekly subscription rates are based on annual income:

  • Under $12,999            $4.39
  • $13,000 – $15,999      $6.43
  • $16,000 – $26,999      $8.57
  • $27,000 – $32,999      $10.51
  • $33,000  and above      $11.93

There are three ways you can join: