Flightdeck EBA Campaign

Flight Deck CampaignA campaign by IBM workers at the IBM Flightdeck in Baulkham Hills NSW to obtain a collective agreement that would provide annual payrises, a travel allowance, fair redundancy and retrenchment provisions, paid shift handover periods, and protect current shift penalties and hours of work.

IBM Hacks Into Skilled Workforce

Computer giant IBM has sacked a group of experienced and highly skilled workers whose job is to provide IT back-up to some of Australia’s biggest corporations, including Westpac.


Further Update on Redundancies

IBM have now announced all the redundancies for their Baulkham Hills Flight Deck operations. A total of 19 people jobs will be abolished which is 25% of the Flightdeck workforce.


IBM redundancies and negotiations update

IBM have informed individuals at their Baulkham Hills Flight Deck that they are losing their jobs. So far 16 employees have been told there jobs will be abolished.


IBM negotiates with union after failed appeal

Workplace tribunal rules against Big Blue.


IBM has begun bargaining with the Australian Services Union (ASU) following a failed attempt to overturn orders to negotiate.


IBM agrees to negotiate with union

In a statement issued late this afternoon, computing giant IBM said it will engage in good faith bargaining with the Australian Services Union.