Equal Work Equal Pay


After a long-fought battle, ASU members won Equal Pay – now it’s time to celebrate!

On 1 December 2012 -- the first Equal Pay Day -- all NSW and ACT SACS workers began receiving their first ASU Equal Pay increase. This is the first of eight Equal Pay increases coming to workers because of the ASU's successful Equal Pay case and campaign. The case and campaign has resulted in wage increase of well over between 23% – 45% over the next eight years!

Equal Pay Day 2014!

December 1st is Equal Pay Day 2014 and all across Australia community workers' pay is going up!





See how much your union-won pay rise will be by clicking here: ACT, NSW. Then be sure to check your next pay slip for the increase. (And if you're interested in how far we've come in just the first few years of union-won pay rises, click here for a comparison of rates with and without the equal pay decision: ACT, NSW).


Be sure to share the good news with your workmates as well, and
if they're not yet members, invite them to join the ASU: www.asumembers.org.au/join


A brief history of the Equal Pay campaign

ASU members campaigned, marched and danced for Equal Pay over three years: here are some highlights.



"Today is a day in a generation – a day for all women to celebrate" ASU Secretary Sally McManus

In an historic decision FWA has awarded ASU members equal pay. In a decision handed down in Melbourne at 12 noon on Wednesday February 1st 2012. FWA ruled to implement the agreement that had been reached between the ASU and the Australian Government – the Queensland rates of pay for everyone.