Australian College of Community and Disability Practitioners

Why has the ASU launched The Australian College of Community and Disability Practitioners?

Decisions about the meaning, purpose, and requirements of your work have been predominantly made by employers and governments. But frequently these discussions happen behind closed doors and do not directly involve frontline workers like you.

The voice that is most often missing in this environment is that of practitioners. The people at the frontline of service provision who understand best the needs and demands of the work, and the standards necessary to meet them.

The ACCDP, of which you are now a member, is the only practitioner-led independent professional body open to all people working in the social and community services sector. 

The College will help us shape our profession, rather than have it shaped for us.

All ASU members are automatically members of the College at no additional cost. ACCDP membership is a benefit of being a member of your Union, along with other member-only benefits such as Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Over the next two years the ACCDP will undertake significant work developing useful professional resources for practitioners like you in social and community services. As a member, you will be able to have a say in the work and direction of the ACCDP. This will include having a say on:

  • how community and disability services work is defined,
  • the development of best practice standards for work in our sector, and
  • how these standards could be implemented across our sector.

For further information and to stay up to date with the work of the ACCDP visit our website at

Remember to tell your colleagues. They can be members of the ACCDP too by joining the ASU, they can do so online right here.